Do I have to get a skateboarding helmet to skateboard, or can I just use any helmet?

Truly, wearing any helmet is better than not wearing a helmet. Nonetheless, there are different helmets that are designed for diverse use. For example, a skateboard helmets is different from a bicycle helmet.

Here are four types of helmets that you can choose that determines how much you want it to last.

1.Single use – It means that the skateboard helmet is only certified for a single activity. For instance, baseball batting helmet is an example of a sole use helmet.

2. Multiple use – This kind of helmets are certified with more than a single event. The helmet certification sticker usually highlights which events you can use the helmet for.

3. Single Impact – The single impact helmet is created to shield against a single impact, after which you need to replace the helmet. The bicycle helmet is an example of a single impact.

4. Multiple Impact – The helmet can endure multiple impacts before losing its capability to shield. An example of the multiple impact helmets includes hockey helmets.

Best Skateboarding Helmet

When you take your skateboard brand for skateboarding, it is important that your best skateboard helmet should be capable of withstanding various impacts or multiple impacts.

Motorcycle and bicycle helmets are designed to save you from one, single, disastrous hurtle by sacrificing themselves. This kind of helmets deform permanently on impact to soak up and allocate the stresses of a crash. Thus, this is a single-impact helmet for such sports.

Skate or skateboarding helmets are created to shield your head from several impacts that includes hitting your head if the board flies out from under you. The helmet can with stand many of these impacts and ensure that you are protecting your head.

It is essential that you wear a skateboard helmet when you’re skateboarding. Always, safety comes before fun and you should never skateboard without a helmet.