Factors to keep in mind when looking for a tile saws

There are different types of tile saws available in the market. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, therefore as a consumer, there are several factors that you should have in mind before making a purchase of a tile saw.

Cutting capacity

Different tile saws have the different cutting capacity. Some are designed for simple home tasks while others are for professionals who have tough tasks to complete.

Understanding your project helps you in identifying perfect tile saw you should buy. Purchasing the right tile saw will automatically save you a lot of money and time because some can break very first than you may expect. Tile saw blade is also very important because it determines the cutting capability. This feature also differs depending on the type of blade.

Accuracy and versatility

All manufacturers of tile saws make them so that they can have accurate cuts however some turn out to be more accurate than others are.

Even though most buyers first consider the price of a tile saw, this should be the second feature to look into. In terms of accuracy, tabletop or overhead tile saws are the best because they are more accurate, powerful and durable. They are also capable of withstanding large projects.


Torque and speed of a tile saw are very important in determining how efficient a tool can be. If a tile saw does not have the right power when cutting a tile it will break and shatter. A powerful tile saw has the right power and speed that is enough for making clean and robust cuts.

Dust management and water splash

Dust particles have very serious health risks to human beings once they are inhaled. For example, inhaled ceramic dust has long-term effects on the human body that ranges from asthma and emphysema.

If you are a person who cuts tiles on a regular basis, it is very important to consider wet tile saws especially when it comes to dust control. You do not have to risk damaging your lungs while working.

Water is also a very important resource. It should be managed well in order to conserve it. A good wet tile saw should be capable of managing water properly in order to save it.

Blade Capacity

 A good tile saw must also have a good blade, which is sharp and not blunt. A tile saw that has a sharp blade is capable of cutting ceramic tiles with little effort needed. These types of saws are precise and are capable of providing the user with clean cuts.

When buying a tile saw, it is always important to go for a circular blade that is diamond tipped because they are more durable and stays longer still remaining sharp.

Tile saw portability is very important when it comes to making a purchase. Handheld tile saws are more portable and they cannot be compared with their counterpart’s tabletops or overheat tile saws. Even though handheld tile saws are more portable, they are not powerful and are not capable of performing tough tasks.

Bevel capacity

Different tile saws offer various beveling features. A tile saw with a good beveling capacity is capable of making various types of cuts on different tiles. It is very important before making any decision to read product specifications carefully.

Accessory availability

A good tile saw should be versatile and capable of being fitted with various types of accessories. The accessories can really help you in the end. For example, LED light increases visibility even during the night and you can easily make accurate cuts.


Tile saws are very important tools for a person working on a floor tiling job. A good choice for a tile saw should be the one that is versatile, capable of performing tough tasks and able to control dust particles.